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 Derek taking a break, drinking hot milk or something… ♥


I like how on Tumblr we all have lots of sass but in real life we can’t say hi without fucking up.

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"This, is for you. There was a whole dinner that went with it but, doesn’t matter."


Deputy Parrish in “Orphaned” + Favorite Quotes

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3/10 Best Commentaries || Julie & Julia

"When we did the movie, one of the things I said to the actors is that I didn’t want anyone nibbling. That this was a movie about people who were completely insane about food, and talked with their mouths full and, would never, ever, forgo a meal because something terrible happened or whatever. I just hated in movies where you just see an actor just sort of drinking water at the table. And I feel bad for them because they have eat for 12 hours, so you have to shoot the scene over and over and over. But Chris Messina really, really really, took what I said seriously." - Nora Ephron


Sometimes I think that they really didn’t predict Derek’s death for the cipher key. When they showed him in the premiere with his arms crossed over his chest and wolfsbane enveloping him, it’s too reminiscent of a body laid to rest. It’s too much like a fairytale, I know at first it seemed like Sleeping Beauty but now it reminds me of the Snow White ending. Like he’s dead, but almost being preserved.

Since a few people are on the two Dereks bandwagon, I would like to see the Derek in Beacon Hills be some sort of astral projection. We dealt with Derek’s subconscious mind in the finale of 3b. Would it be completely out of realm to believe it continued into s4? 


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